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Strengthen your Practice
MacRepertory 8 is the most user-friendly, elegant and powerful program we’ve ever produced. It’s been refined and enhanced from one end to the other so you use more of the program, feel more creative and get better results.
• To find a word in the rubrics, just type it. No menus, no dialogs — the rubrics appear right in front of you. Just click to see all of the rubrics that contain a remedy (or family). Easy.
• Make your own additions to the repertory by simply pasting.
• Automatically display your last patient’s graph.
• With a flick of the mouse leap around the repertory with our new history feature.
• Effortlessly collect potential remedies or families to focus the case analysis.
• When we fix bugs your program will automatically update itself over the internet.

Prescribe More Successfully
The most dramatic way to improve your prescribing is by using family relationships - whether they be Hahnemann’s miasms, Scholten’s approach to the periodic table or taxonomy. This version of MacRepertory is the cutting edge of family analysis with more than 150 beautifully illustrated graphs right at your fingertips. There are new family graphs from Rajan Sankaran, Massimo Mangialavori, Jan Scholten and others: everything from the latest genetic plant mapping and Rajan’s most recent ideas of the periodic table to Massimo’s classification of the different responses to pain or his stages of development. And every window now supports your working more creatively with families; easily see only the sycotic, animal, or solanaceae remedies, etc.

Learn More
When you need to understand the themes of a family, just double click discover more than 400 informational sub-graphs and pdfs: the sensations of Rajan’s plant families, the keys to Bentley’s miasms’, the themes of Massimo’s groups, Jan’s descriptions of the elements of the periodic table and much more. Many of them contain material that you simply won’t find anywhere else. And for when you need to know about the substance you’re prescribing we’ve included 1300 pdfs with interesting facts, descriptions and pictures of the sources of the remedies.

Philosophy for Free!
Purchase the upgrade by December 20th and you will recieve our Philosophy Collection for free (a $200 value).
1400 pages (30 megabytes) of the greatest homeopathic philosophy ever written. Bidwell’s How To Use The Repertory, Close’s Genius of Homeopathy, Curie’s Practice of Medicine, Hahnemann’s Organons of Medicine (fifth and sixth edition), Handley’s In Search of the Later Hahnemann, Hatherly’s Law of Cure, Kent’s Homeopathic Philosophy, Paschero’s Homeopathy and Roberts’ Principles and Art of Cure - plus 49 insightful articles by James Tyler Kent, David Little, Petter Morrell, André Saine, Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Charles Wansbrough, Rudi Verspoor and Peter Viksveen.


Upgrade to MacRepertory 8 Pro from...
MacRepertory 7 Pro..........$279 / €219 / £189
MacRepertory 7 Classic....$1079 / €725 / £599

Upgrade to MacRepertory 8 Classic from...
MacRepertory 7 Classic.....$149 / €119 / £99

Upgrade to MacRepertory 8 Pro from...
MacRep 6 Pro....................$899 / €599 / £499
MacRep 6 Classic..............$1329 / €889 / £739
MacRep 5 Pro....................$1199 / €799 / £669
MacRep 5 Classic..............$1899 / €1272 / £1059

Upgrade to MacRepertory 8 Classic from...
Classic MacRep 6..............$249 / €167 / £139
Classic MacRep 5..............$499 / €279 / £335

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